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The objectives of Space Ecosystems are initially to support private and/or public
projects in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg through the development of space exploration and
exploitation ventures.

Indeed, since 2017, Luxembourg has been witnessing the development of a NewSpace ecosystem that is entering the market and trying to develop itself as a new local economy.

Supported by the innovative and attractive local policy, “New Space Venturer” have joigned
Luxembourg setting up uniques Partnerships between private and public players to develop
such space ventures.

Luxembourg's former Minister of Economy, Mr Etienne Schneider, is himself the main “initiator”
and “guru” Luxembourg's New space Ecosystem, proposing a national action plan for space
sciences and technologies from 2020 to 2024, specifying Luxembourg's targets in New Space's
Industries in an international scale.

With offering its expertise and leadership to all companies involved in New Space fileds, SPACE
 will provide advises, partnerships, financing and coaching to develop
the Luxembourg's New Space Ecosystem.

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